What you should know before you hire HVAC contractor

20 August 2017
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Looking for HVAC contractor? It can be a little overwhelming to decide who would be the best choice for you. Check these quick tips to find out how to avoid hiring an amateur. Any problems related to the heating and cooling system in your home will be handled the right way only by qualified HVAC technician. Do your research before you make a phone call.

  1. When you need to hire Heating and Cooling Company, the best way to start your research is the internet these days. Professional HVAC contractor will have good presence on the local search and they will have their own professional website. If you will find contractor with good reviews next town over, he will likely service your area as well.
  2. Check how long they are in business. Statistics say that almost 75% of contracting companies have to close down their businesses within 3 to 4 years. If that will happen, there is no way that they will honor warranty they gave you (always require warranty terms and conditions in writing).
  3. If an unlicensed contractor is working on your furnace or air conditioner, manufacturers might void the factory warranty. Make sure that the HVAC contractor you hire is properly licensed and insured.
  4. Cost of the job is always major factor in decision making, but choosing a bad contractor because he was the cheapest one will actually cost much more in the long run. More than once we lost stall bid due to the price, but then we were getting call back after the job was done to fix mistakes done by lousy contractor. There is a say: “you get what you pay for”. Some of the mistakes cannot be easily undone. Especially if the equipment is not sized correctly or was poorly located. You will either have significant extra cost or you will have to live with a brand new heating and cooling system that will not work properly. So, before you hire HVAC Company to do the job get at least 2 or 3 estimates, and remember that price should never be the only criteria.
  5. Another important aspect is emergency availability. If you’re AC unit or furnace will stop working you will need somebody to fix the problem right away. Most HVAC contractors advertise 24/7 HVAC emergency services, but then you can’t get hold of them. Good contractor will answer his phone at any time or will call you back immediately and will be able to respond shortly to emergency situation. If you can’t get hold of them for days, consider finding a new HVAC company. The best way to find HVAC contractor is to develop a relationship with the contractor you can trust. Good HVAC contractor will provide reliable maintenance, great service and the honest advice.
  6. Do not choose the biggest HVAC Company in your area. Large companies usually prioritize commercial clients over residential. With small business family owned company you will receive lower prices, better service and better more personal treatment.
  7. Before you call Heating and Cooling Technician, you should understand the prices and quality of different equipment and brands, so you will not be charged premium for a chip unit. Always make sure that contractor will specify what kind of equipment they are proposing for installation, so you can compare the estimates. Most of the times that will be your difference in price. Never hire HVAC contractor who is not willing to give you detailed written estimate!

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